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With the explosive growth of the Internet products can be presented in ways that look, as much as possible, like the goods that legitimate companies offer. Many of these sites often contain false, misleading, or legally inaccurate information.

The ceramic insulating products industry is relatively new and growing rapidly with exciting new technologies being discovered almost every day. Consumers benefit from new energy saving products, longer lasting products with reduced maintenance and products that make day to day living more comfortable and affordable.

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions is concerned that the industry overall will suffer from false and misleading claims which will undermine consumer confidence in the legitimate product and cautions consumers to be wary of claims that sound too good to be true, they usually are. Remember, it's your time and money involved plus the comfort of your family or business employees that is at stake!
A complete line of genuine insulating paint products each designed for a specific application,
none of this "one product does all"
An incomplete and random offering of products with limited or NO insulating properties
Non-Toxic, FDA approved, "micro" size particles Off white or dirty Gray, thick, gritty ceramic by-products
Cutting edge solutions: The Hy-Tech team of chemists and formulators has a combined experience of over 70 years in the insulation and coatings industries who developed our exclusive Ceramic Vacuum Matrix (CVM) technology.. Reverse engineering, questionable quality, resellers of standard off the shelf cheap glass fillers
Best technical support from experts in the construction, insulation and coatings industry Guess work, copycats with no investment in their customers or products, work from home operations
Cutting edge solutions. Hy-Tech maintains a complete research and development center fully equipped and staffed by professionals. Our involvement with NASA, the Society for Advancement Material Process Engineering, The American Ceramic Society, Green Building Council etc keeps us up to date on this rapidly changing technology. Limited knowledge of technologies involved, Single industry knowledge, Old ideas and technology, always a step behind.
The ONLY insulating paint additive selected by NASA as NASA Research Spinoff Technology and used by major industry, the military, government agencies and homeowners worldwide Questionable claims about savings, being the "first", and utilizing NASA technology. Paid for or fictitious testimonials, altered or "homemade in-house" test and performance reports
Hy-Tech Reputation: We became the market leader through ongoing research, hard work, dedication and relentless customer service Some things can't be copied...Don't find out the hard way!
To Produce Insulating Paint Products
Does Take Rocket Science...
To Use Them Does Not!

Hy-Tech, Thermal Solutions, Inc. A NASA Technology Partner

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