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Mark and Valerie Sigler have been awarded a FEMA (Flood Mitigation Assistance) grant to build an energy efficient home designed to survive in the harsh beach, hurricane prone, Florida coastal environment and have chosen Hy-Tech Thermal Solution energy efficient ceramic additives and insulating paint coatings in the design to maximize energy efficiency and corrosion control.
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Comments about Hy-Tech's Rust Proof Paint "Metal Shield"

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Hy-Tech Thermal Solution Paint and Coatings are chosen to provide additional thermal insulation to the U of Idaho entry in the 2002 Future Truck Competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Ford Motor Company. The Future Truck 2002 competition challenges teams of students from 15 top North American universities to re-engineer a conventional, mid-size Ford Explorer into a low-emissions vehicle with at least 25% higher fuel economy -- without sacrificing the performance, utility, safety, and affordability consumers want. Hy-Tech insulating ceramics were in heat reduction and sound deadening applications.

Hy-Tech's Attic "Barrier Coat" has been chosen as the radiant barrier coating to be used in the University of Virginia entry in the Solar Decathlon Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the American Institute of Architects, Electronic Data Systems and Home Depot.
Student teams compete to capture, convert, store, and use enough solar energy to power our modern lifestyle. Research and development in energy efficiency and solar energy technologies have improved our lives. The Solar Decathlon will not only have an immediate effect on consumers by educating them about solar energy and energy-efficient products, but it will affect the future as well.

We Beat the Heat in Texas!
John Lawrence
Houston, TX
AWESOME! That's all I can say about Hy-Tech products. I am building a new wood frame building here in Houston and decided to use Hy-Tech products to try and reduce heat intrusion through the roof and sidewall's. We setup temperature monitors inside the building so that we could compare the before and after temp's. Our first application was the spraying of the underside of the roof decking with #85 Barrier Coat, the interior temperature dropped a whopping 18° F. Several days later we sprayed the exterior with Insul-Flex insulating elastomeric and the interior temperature dropped 25°F !!!
The building is now ready for insulation on interior walls and drywall and sitting here wide open in the hot Texas sun the interior and exterior temperatures are The Same meaning there is NO HEAT GAIN from the roof or wall materials.
Hy-Tech products have proven to me they Really Work!
George Fischer
Salem, Utah
Last June I needed to paint my living room. A few months before I had heard from somebody who lived in a large dome tent in the mountains of Colorado at about 9,000 ft. He lived there both winter and summer. I asked what he did about insulation. He said "Paint." "Paint?" I said. Then he started telling me about ceramic bead additives. The beads being hollow spheres with vacuums inside of them. I have a M.S. degree in Physics, so I immediately understood the possibilities of what he was telling me.
I wanted to add these beads to the interior paint as my house is not that well insulated. So I looked up ceramic bead paints on the internet, and decided to order from Hytech after talking in detail with them. I got some paint from the local hardware store and mixed in the beads. After painting the living room I was really pleased with the results. The echoes in the room went away, the room seemed to regulate temperatures better than and an adjacent room with the same exterior exposure qualities, and the paint is very easy to clean.
After this experience I used Hy-tech insulating roof paint on the fiberglass pop-top of my van. The van is much cooler inside when parked outside in the direct sun.
I am not often impressed with new products these days... as the hype does not seem to follow up with the experience. I must say that Hytech's products have thoroughly impressed me so far.
George Fischer
Salem, Utah

Super Savings!!!
We recently completed a 90,000 square foot building in Houma, La, an old Wal-Mart that has been converted into a climate controlled mini-storage. The flat tar and gravel roof was coated with PermaKote Plus insulating roof coating and the walls were also painted inside and out with insulating ceramic paint. Not only did these coatings enhance the appearance of the building but they also created a significant savings in the utilities for the building.
Originally it took 16 Air Conditioning units to cool the now takes ONLY 3 !
As you can see not only is there a significant savings in energy costs but also the life expectancy of the A/C units will increase approximately 4 times.
Ron LeLeux, Pres.

35% Savings!
I have a small, one bed room, top floor apartment in Southfield, Michigan. Last summer I got a $300 power bill and about went into cardiac arrest. For a 1000 square foot apartment, this is on the high side of outrageous. I stuck my head up in the up in the attic and found out the insulation up there was the blown stuff. A thermometer placed up there reached 155 F, about 60 F above the outside air temperature.
Using your products, I painted the ceiling and interior side of the outside walls in my living room with your #85 "Barrier Coat" aluminum/ceramic paint. On top of that, I painted with white paint mixed with your ceramic additive. I did not paint the back room ... too much stuff back there to shove around.
As the gas bills show, ( note: Mr Courney sent copies of his gas bills to us ),
I used 2/3 the amount of gas last winter ( 2002 ) than I did the year before. I must state is was a whole lot colder during the winter of 2002 than 2001. We even tied a record low temperature, set in 1878, for one day during the first week of December.
In short, Hy-Tech ceramic additive works. Its been about nine months since I painted my place and have just about recovered my investment. This includes the $150 I spent on an 8 foot ladder. I only painted the living room, I can't wait to see my savings when I paint the bedroom too.
As an added bonus, I have noticed I do not hear the neighbors as much since I have used your products. Wasn't expecting this, but sound has as much trouble traveling through a vacuum as does heat energy.
Dane Courney

Hot Boiler Pipes Temp Reduced 45%!
This is our second order. I wanted to see how effective Hy-Tech insulating ceramics were so I put it on my boiler pipes and generated the heat to it's full capacity. The temperature on the outside of the pipes was reduced by 45% with four coats of paint. Needless to say, I am going to use Hy-Tech insulating additive on my exterior walls and interior ceilings, the reduction rate has reduced the boiler run time from a 2 hour length of time , down to 20 minutes. I highly recommend your product.
Mary Jeffrey
Owings Mills, MD

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