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Here are some handy projects and carpentry tips

Adding a deck is one of the most useful projects a homeowner can do to improve their home. UBuild has a terrific step by step tutorial with color photos to help you along.

The award winning, DekBrands Floating Foundation Deck System, has revolutionizing deck building. While meeting national building codes, it eliminates the toughest, most time consuming parts of the job. This ingenious, easy to handle, 45 lb. block of cast concrete is the corner stone of the Floating Foundation Deck System. It makes construction faster and easier while saving you up to 25% of the cost of a traditional deck free deck plans

Click on the links below to review garden and backyard plans:

Fixing Stuck Doors
Double Hung Repair
Building A Gate
Installing Interior Shutters
Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Barbecue Trolley
Dog House
Wine Rack
Brick Barbecue

How about building a Back Yard Pond

HOW TO CUT CROWN MOLDING Cutting crown molding is a little tricky. Mitering the corners and what angles come into play are very important. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Why I am sold on Steel Framing

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