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Crown moulding done right

Crown Molding Glossary

Coping Crown Molding

Cutting outside corners on Crown molding

The Woodchcuck Canuck Free Plans Page This is a great index of free plans from all over. Check out the home page as well.

New Yankee Workshop - Norm Abram's Homepage--Is there a tool this man does Not Have?

Electronic Neanderthal  A repository of information on the use and preservation of old and antique woodworking tools.

Allan's Wood Miser's Workshop - Tips and techniques about a variety of woodworking topics, including tools, basic woodworking clamps, fasteners,wood bending, homemade jigs, applying wood veneer, wood species and more

Stripping Paint from Wood - an illustrated guide to stripping paint from wood.

Woodworking Tips, Tricks and Jigs - illustrated tips and lessons in "Band Saw Blade Storage", "Doweling Centers", "Understanding Lumber Thicknesses", "Spreading Glue", "Finishing", and more 101 Woodworking Tips & Techniques - 101 illustrated, short, instructional notes from a variety of contributors, in table saw, finishing, routing/router table, gluing, drill press/drilling, sanding, planing/jointing, assembly, layout, clamping, general shop tips categories

Cabinet Making Co UK Publications - a collection of step-by-step guides, information sheets and data sheets about cabinet making techniques and practices, including "Table saw Safety", "Bandsaw Techniques", "Nice Picture Frames", "Laminating", "Stripping Antique furniture" and more

Introduction to the Machine Shop - illustrated lessons in using the bandsaw, drill press, belt sander, grinder and buffer/deburring wheels

Minwax: The Basics of Wood Finishing - text-based guides to the elementary techniques of wood finishing and other related topics, including choosing the right wood, getting started, choosing the proper applicator, wood preparation, choosing a color, traditional two-step finishing system, recoat preparation & dry time, stain & protective finishes in one and proper & safe cleanup

Popular Woodworking Magazine - a huge collection of illustrated instructional articles about wood-finishing topics

Sawdust Making 101 - an illustrated beginner's guide to the world of woodworking, with introductions to all hand tools, simple beginning projects, explanations of various terminolgy and more

Staining and Dyeing Wood Furniture - Enhancing the grain on wood furniture, Understanding Pigments stains and other related tips

Table Saw Safety - a brief guidesheet on safe table saw practices, with links to safety guides for the jointer planer, sanding machine and thickness planer

Techniques - Fine Woodworking - an archive of instructional tips and articles from Fine Woodworking Magazine

Tips on Selecting and Finishing Real Wood Furniture - concise, online tips on buying wood furniture, choosing wood for furniture and finishing wood furniture

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