Complete Drywall Repair Kit for Easy Drywall repairs

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Complete Drywall Repair Kit


Our Drywall repair kits are the easiest way you will find for repairing holes in your wall. Everything you need in one easy to store container.

The kit includes:
  • a 10" square piece of 1/2" regular REAL Drywall. No worthless metal screens or other gimmick devices.

  • 1-lb. Bag of quick set type Joint Compound. This sets up in 45 minutes allowing for one day completion.

  • Handy mixing tub and spackle knife

  • Easy drywall repair "clips"

  • A 5' roll of Fiberglass Self Sticking Drywall Tape.

  • Sandpaper for finishing

  • Instruction Sheet with detailed step by step procedure.

With this kit you can repair anything from a simple gouge to a hole in the wall up to 10" wide.
From start to finish the average repair can be completed in just a matter of hours and the wall will be Stronger than when you started! Paper Patches cannot make that claim, metal plates that you stick over the hole leave a raised hump in the wall, fix it right with our easy to use kit used by us professionals every day.

Everything for only $19.95 + shipping


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