Oxygen bleach
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Oxygen bleach

( sodium percarbonate )

See how Hy-Tech Oxygen Bleach stacks up against the competition.

Shout Oxy Power (TM) - Marketed by SC Johnson. This product contains 75% sodium percarbonate

Oxiclean (TM) - Marketed by OrangeGlo International. Oxiclean is the best known of any of the brands and is king of the mass marketed oxygen bleaching products. It is sold on TV infomercials, through catalogs, magazines, distributors, the internet and in stores like Walgreen's, Walmart and other national chains. Oxiclean is a good product but is sometimes oversold considering what is and its lower levels of active oxygen bleach. Oxiclean contains about 50-60% active oxygen bleach (Sodium percarbonate).

Clorox Oxygen Action (TM) - Newly marketed by The Clorox Corporation. This product is basically a carbon copy of Oxiclean from the percentage of sodium percarbonate it contains (50-60%)

All Oxi-active (TM) - Marketed by Lever Brothers. It is a sodium perborate based product. While sodium perborate is excellent for cleaning and stain removal in hot water its very limited solubility in lukewarm and cold water does limit the scope of its use. Perborate compounds are also known to contain traces of arsenic which is why they are being outlawed in Europe.

Oxygen8 (TM) -A rapidly fading addition to the concentrated oxygen bleach consumer products. It is sold by Medallion Products through QVC. Initially Oxygen8 was marketed on television and in catalogs to compete directly with Oxiclean but at a lower price. Like Oxiclean it is only 50-60% oxygen bleach.

Color Safe Powdered Bleach - Marketed by The Clean Environment Company. A sodium perborate based product (29%) of which they claim is the highest oxygen content available which is not true as concentrated percarbonate products are highest.

Natural Oxygen Bleach - Marketed by Lifekind Products. A percarbonate based product that also contains fabric and water conditioners, detergent boosters, stain, mildew and corrosion additives. Also contains sodium sulfate which is a filler and does no cleaning.

Non-Chlorine Bleach Powder - Marketed by Bio Pac. Contains sodium percarbonate , soda carbonate (soda ash). It also contains sodium chloride (salt) which is just a filler and does nothing for cleaning.

Oxygen Bleach - Marketed by Bi-O-Kleen. Exactly the same product as Lifekind's natural Oxygen Bleach described above.

Ajax - Oxygen Bleach Powder Cleanser Even though this product is sold as an oxygen bleach cleanser we could not find any oxygen bleach materials listed on the product label or MSDS)

Hy-Tech Oxygen Bleach 89% sodium percarbonate
2 lb Pkg Oxygen Bleach $18.00
5 lb Pkg Oxygen Bleach $35.00

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