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Insulating Additive for Paint

HY-Tech  insulating ceramic additive for paint is a very complex blend of selected ceramic micro spheres which have the appearance of a fine powder. You simply stir it into your regular paint to create a heat reflecting, insulating coating.
This insulating additive can be mixed into ANY paint including interior house paint, exterior house paint, roof paint, solvent base coating, industrial coating, epoxy, urethane, high temperature paint, elastomerics, ANY paint.


ceramic microspheres

Hy-Tech insulating ceramic additive is a blend of ceramics with unique properties of particle size and chemical makeup. This "blending" assures us that we have a tight overlapping closed matrix of ceramic particles each with specific thermal reducing properties.
Imagine a tray filled with ping pong balls, only a small portion of each ball surface touches allowing a path for radiant heat to pass through. By blending various size ceramic microspheres we fill the voids creating a continuous, uninterrupted ceramic barrier on the painted surface.

insulation paint film When mixed into paint the painted surface dries to a tightly packed layer of the hard, hollow "microspheres", ( Hy-Tech's exclusive CVM, ceramic vacuum matrix technology.) The tightly packed film restricts heat transfer through the paint film by minimizing the path for the transfer of heat. The ceramics are able to reflect, refract and block heat radiation (loss or gain) and dissipate heat rapidly with as much as 90% of solar infrared rays and 85% of ultra violet-rays being radiated back into the atmosphere.

Summary of Features:
Easy to use The insulating additive works with all types of paint, coatings and mastic's, solvent base, latex, two component materials.
Easy to use The addition of ceramics to the paint increases its durability and scrub resistance.
reduce heat buildup Reduces heat and cooling loss!
ceramic paint additive For use with interior or exterior paints on Walls, roofs, ceilings.
reduces surface heat Works in winter or summer.
insulates metal roofs Safe, non-toxic, fire resistant
washable paint Adds Exceptional stain and scrub resistance to paint
sound deadening Helps deaden sound
mildew resistant A hard smooth surface that resists corrosion, abrasion, mold and mildew.
saves wear and tear on equipment An inexpensive solution for poorly insulated buildings or buildings with no insulation at all.

Hy-Tech Insulating Additive for Paint...The smart choice.
Hy-Tech insulating ceramics are selected for their chemical compatibility with paints and coatings and their ability to block the transfer of heat. Hy-Tech insulating ceramics are not a waste by-product of some other industry nor are they an inexpensive filler as are many of the insulating paint additives being marketed today. We have seen dark dirty gray ceramics, thick gritty ceramics, and fragile glass beads intended for use as inexpensive fillers in plastics all being marketed as "Insulating Additives for Paint".

Don't be fooled by biased "in-house" testing results or "modified" American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test procedures, ( there are no approved "r value" tests for insulating paints or additives at this time and the ASTM Society does not approve of "modified" test procedures. )

Buy from the industry leader, a company who specializes in insulating paints and thermal reduction coatings, and the ONLY Insulating Paint Additive SELECTED by NASA.

" I went to the Home &  Garden show here in St. Louis this past spring. NASA had a booth there and your product was one of many that was on display. I told them I had been interested in purchasing your product, but you can never be sure about all the stuff you see on the internet. They said your product was the real deal and when I was ready to buy, to tell you that NASA sent me. So, here I am...NASA sent me!"
Wendy Birgen
Florissant, MO

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