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Hanging Wallpaper-Cutting the Wallpaper
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Hanging Wallpaper-Step by Step
Cutting the paper

Before hanging, check the pattern and run or dye lot numbers on each bolt to make sure they are all the same.  Completely read the manufacturer's instructions. Check each bolt for printing and shading defects.  Save labels and packaging information in case you need to buy more wallpaper.

Creating a Plumb Line:
Start with the least noticeable wall. Measure out from the corner and mark the wall the width of the paper minus 1/2 inch. Place a level at the mark and draw a straight, vertical line (plumb line). This will be  a guide for where your first two strips will meet.

The success of your job depends on having the first  strip straight. Follow this procedure every time you  reach a corner or start a new wall.   Go around the room and mark where each strip will  end to keep track of the number of strips needed. This will also help avoid ending with a narrow strip  that would be difficult and wasteful to hang.   Catching this in advance will allow you to adjust your starting point.

Measuring &Cutting The First Strip:
Unroll part way and hold the first roll of wallpaper against the wall to determine where you want the pattern to fall at the ceiling line. Mark the spot with a pencil on the back of the roll (try beginning with a full design at the ceiling). Cut the first strip with a straight edge. Leave about 4 extra inches at the top and bottom for trimming.

A Word About Pattern Matching
There are basically four types of patterns. The easiest way to match the pattern is to cut your first strip, lay the roll next to it and line up the pattern allowing your extra 4" for the overlap at the top and bottom. After a couple of strips you will know exactly where in the pattern you need to cut for your next strip. You can figure it out mathematically but we won't go there now.

Random Match - Patterns that do not have specific match points, such as textures. These papers often look better if the strips are reversed, alternating the top and bottom of successive strips because sometimes one side is a little lighter than the other.


Drop Match - The pattern runs diagonally across the wall so that every other strip is the same along the ceiling line. The design may form a diamond grid effect. Most papers will tell you what the pattern repeat is, i.e. 6" repeat. Also known as offset match.


Straight Across Match - Forms an overall design motif. The same elements of the design in each strip are an equal distance from the ceiling line.


Free Match - Matches between the design elements which should align in a diamond configuration, not side by side. The design elements may be separated by the trim going between strips. Design motifs must, however, be aligned to maintain consistence of form.

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