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Tool List for Interior and Exterior Painting Projects

Choosing the proper tools will make your project so much easier

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Painting Tools and miscellaneous preparation materials

Paint Brushes
It really pays to buy a good brush,most homeowners will buy the top of the line paint as they don't want to do this again for awhile, and then buy a $5.00 brush to put it on with! This will only make your life miserable!

A decent 100% black nylon 3" brush can be had for about $12-$15.00 and will save you a lot of grief.
Wash it well when finished,wrap it and it will last forever.
For more detailed help in selecting brushes and rollers see This Article

Here again,don't skimp!
Polyester roller covers pack down and do not hold paint,you will be reloading your roller forever.
Buy a good quality blend or better yet,a lambskin cover.
Lambskin covers hold more paint and are less likely to leave "roller track marks".
The thickness of the cover should match your job, 1/4" for fine enamel work all the way up to 1 3/4" thick for very rough surfaces.
Widths vary too, you can get a 2" wide roller for smaller jobs all the way up to 18" wide for floors, driveways etc.
Normally a 9" wide is suitable for most paint projects.

Note: Have you seen those cute assortments at most paint stores and home centers? You know, the ones where you get a roller pan, roller frame AND roller cover all for only $4.99....Forget it, all you are going to buy is trouble and frustration. Buy a decent cage roller frame, quality cover and a 4' wood extension pole that you can screw into the handle so that you can roll ceilings and walls from the floor.
Roller pans were invented by Carpet cleaning people. Thats right, the only thing they are good for is spilling paint on your floor. Have you ever backed up to look at your work and stepped in one? Had the dog or your 3 year old step in it? Had it fall off the ladder tray?
Ask the store clerk for a "roller grid", more on this later.

Miscellanous Tools you will need are,
Wall Scrapers, Putty knives, Caluking gun, Wire Brush, 5 gallon empty pail & Roller Grid, 1-2 gallon work pots (for brush work), Disposable Coveralls, Spray or power, painters specialty paint pads, Ladders,Scaffolds,Basic hand tools like screwdrivers for removing switchplate covers, a hammer for removing nails, Sandpaper, Caulking, Putty, Spackling Compound, masking tape and plastic or canvas drop cloths for protecting non painted areas.

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