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Want to reduce your greenhouse heat?
Simply mix Hy-Tech Insulating Ceramics into a mixture of whiting and cement which makes a removable whitewash that will reduce the interior temperature dramatically without reducing the light! In the winter the mixture is easily removed allowing more heat to enter.
The whiting alone makes a terrific all natural whitewash for spraying on fruits and vegtables and acts as a sun block and insect repellant.

The Old Farmers Almanac
If you are new to gardening, be sure to visit The Old Farmer's Almanac where you'll learn about the very basics, find advice for beginners, and fixes for common problems.

Landscape Designs for stormwater Management
Learn how to build your own Storm water garden with this free online tutorial.

Virtual Garden
The Virtual Garden offers a very large collection of gardening basics how-tos and resources. Use this online tool to design your garden.

Interested in hydroponics? Start your learning here with free online mini-classes, tips, hydroponic basics and FAQ, and even free hydroponic system plans.

How to Articles:

1.Calculating the Number of Bulbs To Buy

2.Combining Tulips with Annuals and Perennials

3.Benefits of Growing in Creative Containers

4.Forcing Paper White Narcissus

5.The Indoor Tulips

6.Maintaining Container Gardens

7.Maintaining a Perennial Garden

8.Naturalizing with Spring Bulbs

9.Best Bulbs for Naturalizing

10.Planting Bulbs

11.Planting Bulbs in Containers

12.Planting Tulips

13.Planting a Bare-Root Rose

14.Planting a Window Box

15.Preparing Perennials for Winter

16.Preserving Cut Flowers

17.Preventing Rose Diseases

18.Pruning a Shrub Rose

19.Training a Climbing Rose

20.Transplanting Annuals

21.Planting Your Yard Or Street Tree The Right Way

22.Prune a Tree

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