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Flame Guard™ is a flame spread treatment for any flat latex paint which forms a burn-resistant surface that insulates the substrate from the flame, thus slowing flame spread. Flame Guard™ comes with a certificate and is UL rated. Flame Guard™ is a cost-effective flame spread treatment additive which is an approved treatment and is rated a class "A" or "B" flame spread treatment. (See use instructions for applicable flame spread rating). When used as directed, Flame Guard™ satisfies local, state and national fire codes for reducing the flame spread rate of combustible interiors in structures such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, daycare's, churches, as well as private dwellings.

Once added to flat latex paint, Flame Guard™ does not adversely affect the color, spreadability or curing time of the coating and can be applied via brush, roller and sprayer. This flame spread treatment paint additive can be added to any flat latex paint that meets TP-29-J specifications. Flame Guard™ , in absolutely no way, adversely affects the coating to which is added. The color, spreadability, curing time, texture, sheen and luster remain the same. When dried, Flame Guard™ flame spread treatment is completely undetectable.

  • Granular, easy-to mix form
  • Lasts as long as the paint
  • Economical - easy to use
  • Disposable, environmentally friendly packaging
  • Each package measured to treat (1) US Gallon as Class "B" Flame Retardant
  • Mix (2) measured packages to treat (1) US Gallon as Class "A" Flame Retardant

Flame Guard™ is prescribed with the E.P.A. signal word , "NONE". As with any chemical, applicators should read the directions completely and use due caution. (See ). EPA SIGNAL WORD: NONE Threshold Limit Value: None established Symptoms of Overexposure: Sedation, dust irritation. EMERGENCY FIRST-AID PROCEDURES SKIN: No problem likely to occur. EYES: Flush with water for 15 minutes. INGESTION: If large amounts are ingested, induce vomiting. Never induce vomiting on unconscious person. Get medical attention at once. INHALATION: Remove victim to fresh air; call a physician.

United States Environmental Protection Agency Registration number: 5908 Product Number: 35263

The surface areas to be treated should be prepared in a manner suitable for the application of the coating. (i.e.: scraped, pressure washed, oil free. Etc.).
Each package of Flame Guard™ ( 6 oz.) is measured to treat 1 US Gallon as Class "B" Flame Retardant. To achieve a Class "A" Rating mix 2 packages (12 oz.). Flame Guard™ does not affect the way the coating is applied (brush roller, sprayer, etc.). The material can be mixed into the coating by paint shakers or by stirring. Flame Guard™ ( will start settling in the soluble coating after about 3 hours, so it is advised that the coating be stirred every hour or so.

Flame Guard™ flame spread treatment paint additive is extremely cost effective. Presuming that the coating will remain on the structure for five years, Flame Guard™, costs less than two cents "Suggested Retail" per treated square foot ($.0156 NON-amortized).
The material is sized in 6 oz. packages (treats one gallon of coating) and retails for $10.00 per package.
ContractorsCommercial and Industrial users, price breaks based on the amount of material ordered. Contact our office for details and pricing.

Flame Guard™ flame spread treatment paint additive is guaranteed to be free from manufacturers defects, Flame Guard™ paint additive conforms to it's chemical description and is reasonably fit for the purpose as stated in this document and on the material's label.

No maintenance is required for Flame Guard™ if applied with flat latex paint according to the manufacturer's instructions on the label.

Flame Guard™ Flame Spread Treatment Paint additive
  • Proven Results
  • Environmentally responsible and progressive!
  • Reduced maintenance cost

Why Wait? Buy Flame Guard, Use it,
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