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Faux Finishing-Tools and Materials
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Faux Finishing
The Basics

The Tools

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Faux Finishing
The Tools & Materials

Each faux-finish project has different requirements. But the following checklist can serve as a guide:

  • Preparatory Tools and Supplies (see Preparation)
  • primer
  • glaze
  • coatings (paint--base coat and top coats, varnish, stain, etc.)
  • paint tray
  • brushes and rollers
  • technique -specific tools (sponges, feathers, rags, wood-graining tools, etc.)
  • water bucket
  • Clean-Up cloths,rags, soap and water (for acrylic paints and glazing liquids)mineral spirits (for alkyd paints and glazing liquids)
  • rubber gloves

The procedure requires that you apply a colored base coat, decorate with another colored coating (glaze coat, or wash) and a specific technique and if necessary, protect it with a top coat.
Now which type material to use, Oil base Products or Latex Base Products?

Oil base paints have the advantage of longer wet times (open time) cleaner more clear colors and the ability to be more creative with mixing and blending while wet. The disadvanges are of course odor, cleanup is more costly and there is a safety factor to consider. Never use oil base products without having proper ventilation and make sure there are no open flames or sparks. Disposal of rags is another concern.

Latex base paints dry quickly, are easy to clean up using soap and water and are generally more readily avilable and less expensive. There are now products available that allow you to increase their open time thus making them more desirable.

My choice of primers are Kilz (oil base) and Zinsser 1-2-3 latex primer.
For your base color coats use a satin or eggshell enamel. Flat wall paints do not allow you to work your various glazes.
Glaze... This is a translucent,milky material that you use to reduce your topcoat colors with allowing a stained glass effect to your finish known as "glazing".
And finally your finish coat. To protect your finish you may choose a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss varnish. The new water base polyurethanes today are wonderful.

I think you are ready, lets get started!!
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