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You suggest a base coat in an eggshell or satin enamel. I've already purchased semi-gloss enamels for the base coat and the top coat. I'll be mixing the top coat paint with the glaze. Will this still work?

Answer -
It will work fine. The semi-gloss is a little better than flat wall paint in that it allows the glaze coat to stay wetter longer. That's always a problem with flats and some satins, the flat wall paint absorbs the glaze before you have a chance to work it. The downside is that you may have trouble keeping the glaze where you want it, the wall is well sealed and the glaze will want to run off.
The way around that is simply apply it to an area allow it to sit for 10 minutes or so then re distribute over the same area. After sitting it starts to set and become "sticky". At this point you start with what tool you are going to use and complete the finish. Just remember, what ever procedure you start with must be done with each and every work section that you do be it today tomorrow or next week. That is the real key to good looking work..repetition.

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